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Dubia Cardinal: Anyone who opens Communion to adulterers ‘is a heretic and promotes schism’ -

Pope says he may split the Catholic Church, according to Der Spiegel -


Pope says "malevolent" resistance to his reforms takes "refuge in traditions" -

Two German Theologians Defend the Four Cardinals and Their Dubia-

Italian cardinal defends four Cardinals: It would be ‘just’ for pope to respond -

Fr Spadaro is "very much in error ", says Card. Burke answering critics of the dubia -

Bishop McElroy’s Implementation of ‘Amoris Laetitia’: “Embrace LGBT Families” -

Church teaching on Communion cannot be changed, says Cardinal Burke -

Cardinal Burke defends dubia signers in blockbuster EWTN interview -

Did St. John the Baptist die in vain? That’s what the four Cardinals are asking -

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Catholics everywhere should be grateful for the four cardinals’ appeal -

Attacks on four cardinals aim to silence the truth, says Bishop Schneider -

Cardinals Burke, Pell officially removed from Congregation for Divine Worship -

Bishop Athanasius Schneider Issues Statement Supporting the Four Cardinals -

WATCH: Cardinal Cupich: Anyone who ‘doubts and questions’ Amoris needs ‘conversion’ -

Sarah on Holy Communion for the divorced: “Not even a pope can dispense from such a divine law.” -

Pope Francis Sends Video Message to Kenneth Copeland - Lets Unite -

Francis signed Statement: “we are profoundly thankful for the spiritual and theological gifts received through the Reformation” -

Pope Francis again elevates Church progressives in complete overhaul of Vatican liturgy office -

6 Reasons Why Lutheran Intercommunion Isn’t Possible - 

 Vatican cardinal on endorsing Communion for adulterers: Francis and I ‘always thought the same’ -

Francis urges priests to ‘welcome’ cohabitating couples in the ‘style of the Gospel’ - says Anglicans and Catholics must be 'always more liberated from our respective prejudices from the past’ - Schneider: Priests ‘have to refuse’ order from bishop to give Communion to adulterers - general: all doctrine is subject to discernment -​Bishop Schneider: “Convert” or “renounce the papacy” - Jesuit chief claims Jesus’ own words against divorce are ‘relative,’ subject to ‘interpretation’ - Diego Bishop Tells Catholics to 'All Become Disrupters' - Francis: ‘Muslim Terrorism Does Not Exist’ - Francis has removed every single member of the Vatican pro-life academy - Cardinal: Catholics in adulterous unions ‘must be given’ Communion - of Cardinals pledges allegiance to Pope Francis - Cardinal: It’s ‘very clear’ the Pope backs our stance on Communion for ‘remarried’ -