Dr. kelly bowring

  Greetings in Christ. My name is Dr. Kelly Bowring and I am a Catholic Theologian in good standing, a former university professor and graduate school dean, and the message I want to share with you today is solid and trustworthy, timely and urgent… I have dedicated the last several years to studying, analyzing and reporting on solid Christian biblical and modern prophecy related to our times. 

 I have discovered that this is the most important time in the history of the world, at least since Christ. And this is the most important message ever given to humanity by God since the time of Bible, and that the greatest divine events since the resurrection of Christ are about to occur. 

 While I have already suffered much in the past 6 years to give you this message, I believe that I am being called by God to do so and simply want to complete my mission. 

 I have published a trilogy of 3 books, “The Secrets”, “The Great Battle”, and “The Signs of the Times”. All 3 of these books are related, each discussing the prophecies of our times, each giving new reliable sources of evidence and details, and each has become a best seller. Since the first book was published, I have been invited to give over 50 talks on these books throughout the country and abroad at various conferences (see http://twoheartspress.com). 

 Each of these books has received much positive recognition. Other theologians have expressed their support, though in secret for fear of losing their jobs. One of the books received the imprimatur from Cardinal Vidal. And as recently as April 2015, a high-ranking and well-known Cardinal in the Vatican who I have been in contact with about my work for several years, chose to write me a letter on official letterhead where he acknowledged receiving all three of these books, saying: “Thank you for your thoughtfulness in sending a copy of the three books to me.” He then confirmed: “Be assured that I have forwarded the second set of three books to Pope Benedict XVI, as you requested.” Finally, he offered me his blessing, saying: “Invoking God’s blessing upon you…” The point is that the right people in the right places know about this work and recognize its importance and validity. They are brave and have great courage, as it is the Holy Spirit Who leads them. 

 Doing this work has not been easy, especially early on, but now time and the unfolding of events have begun to vindicate and confirm what I have written is true. Some have not liked what I have had to say, look down on me, and treat me with contempt, but none has found an error in my writings. And though so many turn a deaf ear to the gift of prophecy, you must understand, I cannot remain silent, as I would be guilty of the sin of omission and for all the souls lost who would have heard the truth and responded in faith. 

 Accusing me of being false does not change the truth of what is coming. Having been writing and speaking on these things professionally for 6 years now… and seeing all that I have reported has begun to unfold… I can say that today, I cannot significantly change anything concerning what these prophecies are telling us about what is about to occur and is already occurring… it is all unfolding NOW as prophecy indicated it would. 

 I love the Church and would give up everything for her, and I already have to get this message out… I hope you will receive it and respond only as God wills. I would now like to speak with you about the main themes I have written on in my books. 

 Its not a question as to whether Pope Francis is just a liberal pope, a misunderstood pope, a Jesuit pope, a pastoral pope, or even possibly a heretical pope and an anti-pope. 

 What we do now know is that, as prophecy rightly warned, Pope Francis has begun to wage a campaign against the traditional Church. He is engaging in subtly and even cunningly moving the Church from a concern for revelation, conversion and salvation to one that focuses almost exclusively on humanism, socialism and the environment. The reality of sin and Hell are by effect being undermined. Compassion for the sinner is being emphasized, without equal emphasis on repentance. The problem is that this leads to people choosing hell who refuse to turn their backs on mortal sin. Pope Francis is leading the Church into the greatest crisis in her history, as prophecy said he would and as many commentators are now admitting he is doing. 

 Does not the Holy Spirit speak through the prophets, and thus should we not listen to solid divine prophecy, especially as it begins to prove true over time? 

 Prophecy is clear about what is unfolding and coming, and looking at what is going on in the world and in the Church today confirms the writing is on the wall. Prophecy tells us that the Church is about to be torn asunder and split into two camps, and this by her own ministers, where the visible Church will become the false counterfeit Church and the true Church will have to go underground. It won’t be long now before the divide within the Church becomes formalized and truly colossal. It seems more and more apparent that plans are already underway to form a new church in league with the world; one that by effect becomes more and more opposed to Christ and His Law of truth. 

 The last 3 years shows us that as the power of Pope Francis rises, anyone who dares to challenge him is being ignored or removed, even in the highest places within the Church. The offenses we have received from him are already so many it’s hard to keep up. Thus, blessed is he who sees what is going on and thus rightly takes offense at him and courageously stands up for the true Faith in these times. 

 Does this shock you? The words I speak today I have been saying for 6 years and are more evidently true than ever. But there are some of you who still do not want to believe. 

 Some protest saying that we should remember that the pope is infallible. But, does the charism of infallibility and the corresponding duty of obedience belong to an invalid pope? And hasn’t it been established that a pope can indeed invalidate himself by abandoning the faith or changing doctrine itself? Is this one about to do so, or has he not done so already? 

 The main question I am raising, based on solid prophecy and on his own behavior, is whether Pope Francis is a fraud, an impostor, a destroyer, a charlatan, a freemason, a wolf in sheep’s clothing and a false shepherd – even quite literally the false prophet of the Book of Revelation, one of the greatest deceivers in the history of the world. And isn’t it worth noting that prophecy does not warn us about simply a bad pope to come in our times, but about a pope who will be the false prophet himself? Let me be clear, as faithful Catholics, we are permitted to question and critique the pope, and especially in this case even at times have the duty to do so. 

THERE IS MUCH MORE ON HIS SITE - http://twoheartspress.com