The bible

The Book of Daniel Chapter 12

There are 2 important pieces of scripture we focus on.

Firstly, in 12:4, God says, "As for you Daniel, keep secret the message and seal the book until the end time; many shall fall away and evil shall increase."

This seems to indicate that there is a part of the bible that is yet to be revealed, which will happen at the end of times.

There have been in recent years, and there continues to be, "messages" from around the world where people are saying that God is speaking to them of the end of times which we are now experiencing. 

There are many reasons why some people think this. There are many sites that speak of this, which we will not do here, for it is outside the scope of this site to enumerate these details.

However, I will says, that some think the Book of Truth, which is comprised of the messages of Maria Divine Mercy, is what scripture is speaking of. 

Many of you may know that these messages have been condemned by the Catholic Church. The reason for this is simple - they point the finger towards Cardinals, Bishops, and even the Pope as being influenced by Satan. Many believe Francis is the false prophet in the Book of Revelation. There is much other information on this site to back that up.

Secondly, we need to look at Daniel 12:11, which says, "From the time that the daily sacrifice is abolished and the horrible abomination is set up...."

The daily sacrifice is understood as the Mass. At this point in time Francis has set up a commission to study, and apparently change some of the liturgy of the Mass. According to the messages of Maria Divine Mercy, the Body and Blood of Christ will be subtly referred to as a sharing of bread and wine among sisters and brothers. Francis has already used the term "a little bread and wine can't hurt" which, if I remember correctly, was spoken to a transgender person. So, we all want to keep an eye open for this change.

our mother speaks

 “I make an urgent appeal to the earth. I call on the true disciples of the living God who reigns in Heaven; I call on the true followers of Christ made man, the only true Saviour of men; I call on my children, the true faithful, those who have given themselves to me so that I may lead them to mydivine Son, those whom I carry in my arms, so to speak, those who have lived on my spirit. Finally, I call on the Apostles of the Last Days, the faithful disciples of Jesus Christ who have lived in scorn for the world and for themselves, in poverty and in humility, in scorn and in silence, in prayer and in mortification, in chastity and in union with God, in suffering and unknown to the world. It is time they came out and filled the world with light. Go and reveal yourselves to be my cherished children. I am at your side and within you, provided that your faith is the light which shines upon you in these unhappy days. May your zeal make you famished for the glory and the honour of Jesus Christ. Fight, children of light, you, the few who can see. For now is the time of all times, the end of all ends.”  

marriage is insoluble

Four times the Church has held her ground on communion for the divorced and remarried

 The argument that divorced and civilly remarried Catholics (lacking annulments) be allowed to receive the Eucharist is kind of like 40+ year-old, re-heated mashed potatoes: it’s been spit out by the authority of Church time and again, but for some reason keeps appearing on the spoon of stubborn theologians and bishops who keep trying to trick us into eating it by making cutesie airplane noises.In an essay for Communio entitled “The Merciful Gift Of Indissolubility and the Question Of Pastoral Care For Civilly Divorced And Remarried Catholics”, Nicholas J. Healy, JR. traces the history of this argument, as well as four of the main times the Church has lovingly but resoundingly shut it down. I’ve listed my findings from the document below in order to provide some context for this issue that’s sure to arise once again at the October 2015 Synod on the Family. 

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